Module 5 Unit 1 How many? 小学英语第一册第五模块第一单元教学设计_学科教案

Module 5 Numbers 1-12

?Unit 1 How many?



(一)?? 知识目标:

1.?????? 学生能够基本整体识别新单词:one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

2.?????? 能够听说句子How many? 并用1-8进行回答。

3.?????? 复习歌曲 “Please stand up.”

(二)?? 情感目标


(三)?? 能力目标




1.? 学生能够基本掌握和整体识别新单词:one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

2.? 能够听说下列句子:

How many?



1.?????? 如何通过动作及卡片帮助学生整体识别本节课的单词:one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

2.?????? 如何帮助学生使用“how many” 语句来进行提问,并用1-8进行回答。



(一)?? 热身复习? warm-up

1.?????? Greetings

TGood morning, boys and girls.

Ss: Good morning, Ms Lin.

T: How are you?

Ss: I’m fine. Thank you.

Tlook, there are so many teachers in our classroom, let’s say “hello” to them.

Ss: Hello


2.?????? Sing the song “Please stand up”

T: Well, we learned a song in the 3rd module, do you remember it?


T: Never mind. Let’s review the song firstly. It will help you recall it. (Play the tape)

T: Ok, can you sing the song?


T: Let’s sing the song together. (Play the tape.)

Ss: Sing the song.

T: Wow, you sing the song very well. Now, let’s sing the song again. But all of you need to

do the actions, are you clear?

Ss: Yes.

T: Well, let’s begin. (Play the tape.)

Ss: Sing the song and do the actions.


()Lead in导入

T: That’s all for today’s song. In the last lesson, Panpan has performed an amazing magic. Today, Ms Lin borrows a magic box from it. Do you want to know what is in it?

Ss: Yes.

T: Well, I will ask one student to touch it and guess what is in it. Any volunteer? Ok, you, please.


T: Can you tell us what is in the box?


T: is he right? Let’s have a look. What is it?

Ss: Ball

T: Yes, it is a ball like egg. It is the present from Panpan. What color?

Ss: It’s green/red.


()Presentation 呈现

1. T: You are right. Now, there is another question? How many balls?

(Write down the sentence “how many?” on the blackboard and explain it.)

Ss: Read the sentence together. (G1/G2/G3 read the sentence separately.)

T: So how many balls? Let’s count it together.

Ss: 1 T: One

Ss:2 T: Two

Ss:3 T: Three

Ss:4 T: Four

T& Ss play the game “what’s missing?”

Ss:5 T: Five

Ss:6T: Six

Ss:7 T: Seven

Ss:8 T: Eight

T: Teach each word and do the actions together.

(All Ss read/ each group reads/ invites students to read)

T& Ss play the game “what’s missing?”


2. Practice

(1) Listen and show

(2) Look and say

(3) Ask Ss to practice the words with their desk mates (1 Student does the action and the other says the words). Then invite 3 pairs to present.

3. Text learning

(1) Listen to the tape.

(2) Listen again and ask the question “How many rabbits?”

(3) Read the text.


1. Game 1

2. Game 2 小小数学家

7-2= / 1+3= /5-3= /8-5= /7-6= (all students/ individuals)